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  • Common Basketball Slang terms

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    So we tend to all grasp abit of slang sort of a slam dunk, and that we grasp to a small degree regarding the alley-oop, too. however these square measure very basic basketball slang terms. a number of the a lot of original slang terms that square measure employed in basketball circles carry a lot of fascinating stories, and square measure price staring at somewhat a lot of closely. a couple of examples follow.

    If you perform a move that leaves your opponent standing around like associate half-wit – maybe you have got managed to complete a slam dunk over his head, then you’re aforementioned to possess “posterized” him. This term comes from the standard shots used on posters of star basketball players fully flow with associate opponent attempting, however failing, to prevent them. The implication is that this person are going to be on an advert, however because the poor mark standing and looking at as you are doing one thing impressive.

    “Hack-A-Shaq” may be a military science move that is just about indistinguishable from fouling your opponent. this is often as a result of it’s fouling your opponent. it’s solely applicable, though, once enjoying against somebody you recognize can’t create free throws. Shaquille O’Neal, for all his ability with a basketball, may be a terrible free-throw shooter – to the extent wherever groups feel assured fouling him. It stops him dunking the ball and he’s probably to miss the shots.

    Finally, 2 terms that square measure entirely literal: “All Ball” and “Nothing But Net”. the primary is yelled at a referee United Nations agency has blown for a foul once you have blocked associate opponent’s shot – the implication being that you simply haven’t touched your opponent, simply slammed the ball away. The second applies to a jumper you have got hit that caught none of the rim on the manner in. therewith beautiful “swish noise”, all it hit was web.

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